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I’ve used this service twice now, and I cannot in good conscience recommend it.

The first time was largely uneventful. The driver turned up three hours late for collection and four hours late for delivery. Very possibly due to circumstances outside of his control, so extending him the benefit of the doubt, I decided to use AnyVan again when I needed to vacate a flat in Edinburgh.

I agreed to vacate the flat by a Monday, and I arranged for the collection of my belongings on the Saturday before. The driver, after confirming with the depot that he’d be arriving in the morning, switched his phone off and went AWOL. Not myself nor anyone at the company could contact him. After a day of frantic calls with customer service, they arranged a replacement who phoned to say he could definitely be there on Sunday. He said he had one pick-up to do from Brechin, and a delivery to Glasgow, and then he’d be with me in Edinburgh. He was informed that I was legally required to vacate the building by Monday morning.

I sent the replacement driver a message around midday on Sunday, and he announced he was on Skye waiting for a ferry.

He said he wouldn’t arrive until late, so I had to ask my flatmate to load up the van as I had a non-refundable train ticket for 19:00. At 20:00 I asked where he was again, and he told me Fort William, en route to Mallaig. I.e., the west coast (Edinburgh is on the east coast). He said he would not now be able to make it until the small hours. I could not apologise enough to my flatmate; it is a horrible situation to be in. I said not to expect the driver’s arrival before midnight. The driver then rang me and accused me of giving inaccurate timescales: sometime near midnight was far too soon.

The driver then arranged to pick up Monday morning first thing. At 11:30 I spoke to my flatmate who had heard nothing, had rung the driver four times with no answer, and had now lost all his patience. By now, the new tenant had moved in and was severely unhappy to find my stuff still in the corridor. I sent the driver a message asking where he was, saying that this was ridiculous. The driver responded by saying he had never agreed to be there first thing, that he’d cancelled the pick-up, and that he doesn’t work with ‘fuckwits’.

Ultimately, I had to drive back up to Edinburgh from Sandbach (it’s a four and a half-hour drive each way) to collect my stuff. AnyVan refused to offer any compensation, not even to cover my fuel costs. In the interests of fairness, the staff were very apologetic and promised the swift return of our deposit, but in our opinion, this wasn’t satisfactory after our experience.

Maybe some people have had a flawless experience with this company, but not me. At best, expect a driver who’ll be 3-4 hours late. At worst, one who goes AWOL, and in-between are the drivers who change their story every time you ring them, who are not dependable, and who are abusive when you try to get a straight answer out of them. An incredibly stressful experience for me and my family, not to mention the people inconvenienced in the Edinburgh flat.
Ultimately, if renting a van yourself is an option, do it. This is not worth the aggravation. Especially don’t chance it at the weekend, as the driver might decide he’s owed a day off.

TL;DR: Using this company is rolling the dice. If they come up short, expect disappointments, unreliable drivers and abuse. Do not use if you have deadlines!!
Excellent company to deal with. The service and delivery were very quick. A pleasant and easy transaction, would definitely recommend this company
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