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We never felt pressured or rushed once when the team was photographing our wedding, neither myself or my husband really like having our photo taken however there was not one photo that we said "oh I don't like that one" we love each and every photo. Such a relaxed artistic clever photographers with a great sense of humor and who goes above and beyond to get that perfectly unique shot! We truly were blessed to be able to have PHOMETO photograph in our wedding!
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I'm completetly in love with all the items i quality, very well done products, fast shipping and an amazing costumer service.
Advanton CLOUD helped me achieve 60% growth in my small car seat covers business here in Mobile, Alabama for just $10/month. Its amazing if you are a small business owner like me.
Made use of this essay writing service and was satisfied! Essay was delivered on time. Unique text free of grammar mistakes. I gave it to my sister to check before submitting... She was impressed, and I can trust her, she has a degree in Philosophy. No surprise, I got an A. Thank you! Will recommend you to my friends.
Recently I have tried to purchase on Dealing with this team is nightmare.
1) I cannot simply enter my billing address and shipping address and have my item delivered. They are tooooo paranoiac about confirmation wether or not shipping address is secure, needless confirmations.
2) Their customer service is not responsive and does not seem to be helpful.
3) In case you cancel your purchase it seems to be impossible to refund your purchase (I am still struggling to get my money back).
This was the first time we go to Indonesia. As being trekking-lover, we were all impressed after seeing a picture of Mt Rinjani in Lombok. We decided that our honeymoon will be celebrated in our unique way: to conquer ourselves the way to Mt Rinjani. For any couples of friends, together trekking a challenging routes to Mt Rinjani might be the most memorable time. And we started looking for an agency for our Rinjani trip - This is how we met Lun Expeditions and his team~

I started to search on internet in Trip Advisor, via friends on facebook. I sent email to some agency to quote price and I found that Lun Expeditions have a very competitive price. Lun Expeditions team have full options for shared package and private package. So we think: why not give a try for such a good price like this? We talked with Mr. Lun some weeks before the trekking and he always reply us very quick. He is passionated about Mt Rinjani and he loves the mountain very much.

Before the trekking we decided to get a lot exercises. Maybe we can share some tips for your preparation as belows:
1. We run 5 kilometers non-stop to train our durability. You may also bring a pack of 4 kilograms and walks for steep road about 10 kilometers a day. Be prepared that you must walk on steep road at least 15 kilometers per day. If you could do this with no or less tiring, you are really fit for the trekking.
2. You need a really Good Shoes. You can better try on the trekking shoes and go for hiking, jogging in botanical gardens and parks to test the shoes. If bring bad shoes, your legs will soon be hurt and very tiring all the way. It will be like tortures rather than enjoying the beauty of trekking.
3. You may bring 2 pairs of gloves so that in case of slippery or steep road, you can do rock-climbing. The road is quite muddy or dusty on some difficult parts, so better prepared.
4. Bring your own tissues for hygiene. But please collect your own rubbish after uses to keep cleanliness on Mt Rinjani.
5. Bring warm and light jacket. The way to summit at 2 a.m is sooooo colddd. But dont stop, keep trying and walking slowly. Once you stop you might get cold, but if you keep going, everything will be alright. When the sun has risen, temperature will go up quick and the scenery is gorgeous.

When we arrived at Lombok airport, the driver of Lun Expeditions has already waited us. It took 2.5 hours driving from Airport to Senaru village. When we get there, Mr. Lun already there and he showed us the detailed map of the route from Senaru to Sembalun. This route is quite challenging and tiring, but is more beautiful and refreshed.
On the 1st day, we go inside the jungle from Senaru village and reach the camp at 4 pm, enough to see a beautiful sunset at our camps on the mountain crater while the porter cooked dinner for us. The road is continuously steep so after the 1st day, some people will feel hurt legs. While staying in our camp, we can have hot tea or coffee whenever we want and the porters and the tour guide Mr. Adis helped us a lot. Food is so yummyyy.
The 2nd day is the long walk from the crater to the lake and then go up to the camp site at 2700m. The road has lots of rocks so still easier for rock-climbing.
The 3rd day might be the most difficult and challenging day. We get up at 2am, have a light breakfast and then go to the summit. The road to summit is very slippery, so you must be careful. When we back to the camp, we had one more breakfast and then go down from the crater to Sembalun village.

I think we are lucky that we have an exceptional good price and services of Lun Expeditions. After 3d2n, we have been immerged in the beauty of Mt Rinjani. Lun Expeditions do a really good jobs. I just want to say thank you to all Lun Expeditions team. The food is so tasty, the guide and porters helped us a lot and every members always treat us so warmly and welcome. Very highly recommend Lun Expeditions team to all trekker. Mt Rinjani is a real challenge and a true beauty in Lombok. Youmust definitely go to Mt Rinjani and book tour with Lun Expeditions team !
We had a trekking experience at mount rinjani. We are 6 person from singapore amey, jackline and four person, we lot wasting the time for worked and go everywhere just using car and really never did so much walking. We book the trip to mount rinjani cause we wanted to trying life in the nature place. This is the firs our hiking in hould our life it is too hardest for us but it so worth it. When we reach the crater at first camp where we had camp the views was surprising us. The wonderful scenery we had seen during we were at mount rinjani absolutely memorable occasion for 6 of us. The hot spring was so nice and treu makes us feeling well after swiming at second spring with bigs pool. Our feet veins truely feeling like massages with hot spring is very good help and use full after walked long day from summit and down to crater lake. The ultimate day our feet was fine and not so painfull we can walking down with good lag to senaru villages till done.

Thank you for trekking team from lun expeditions for helping us much and all best you do to us and incredible tour we had. And thank you so much for give us great trekking service all is more like we expected. is brilliant and highly luxe service we had. We just booked 413 usd to mountain we getting heavenly services we had. Thank for controling us for 3 days and good kooked for us..
I ordered a beautiful dress, I was dubious but I had plenty of time and thought "why not". It arrived a few days earlier than suggested. It looks just like the picture, gorgeous!!.....
However, I selected a 'Made to Measure' size, as I'm between and 8-10 short, but with DD boobs, so a slightly awkward to get a size off the rack. The dress is about 5cm (2 inches) smaller than the measurements given around the bodice, and the arm holes are very tight, typical of Asian making (no offense intended).
The colour and bead work is just like the picture but some seams are not symmetrical or straight.
I will diet and exercise to fit into this dress, as I have the time and I'm likely to only wear once or twice. But if you are looking for a quick dress, be very very cautious as it may not fit when it arrives.
For anyone looking to buy Lolita dresses, I suggest you stay clear of this company.
We ordered and paid for 2 custom-sized dresses from My Lolita Dress on 26-06-2016 - the total came to nearly $500 including shipping. When we didn't receive any information regarding my order after nearly month after payment, I then contacted the company for a tracking number and estimated time of delivery on 10-07-2016 (I understand that custom making dresses takes time but I have bought from Lolita companies before and received information within the month). I was then told that the order needed 2 months processing time before shipment. I then asked if it was possible that I would receive my order before the end of August, as the dresses were in fact a birthday present from my mother (the birthday was in July but I made the end of August the deadline). I was then told that there was a chance that the dresses would arrive before August 30 but that there was no guarantee. I said I understood and the last email regarding this deadline was sent on 14-07-2016. However, when I did not receive any information regarding the status of my order I then emailed the company again on 13-08-2016 and was told that both my dresses were still being tailored. I was given no estimated time as to when they'd be done or shipped out.I then queried again on 03-09-2016 after, again, receiving no information about the status of my order and it had been nearly 3 months since we made the payment. I was then told that "I understand your concern. Your payment's safe with us. I will check and get back to you on Monday [which would be 05-09-2016 - though, in all fairness, I don't know what the date would have been in China where the company is located]". I then received an email on 06-09-2016 that one of my dresses was ready and that the other was close to shipment and would be ready "within next week". I was then told to email them on 15-09-2016 if I had not received any information regarding the shipment of my order. When I did not receive any information I then emailed the company again on 20-09-2016 when I still had not received any information (I had been busy with Uni and such and hence hadn't got a chance to email them before then). I was then told that my second dress was taking "longer than estimated" and was still not ready, and I was asked if there was a deadline. I then reminded them that I gave them a deadline back in July and that I was now starting to doubt that I would ever get my order. In the same email I told them that if I did not receive confirmation of shipping date and tracking information within 48 hours (which would have been 27-09-2016 at this point) that we would be contacting our credit card company and filing a non-delivery of product for a full refund. On the same day I sent this email I was then offered to have my delivery split so that my first dress would be sent out and then the second dress would be sent out when it was ready (which they said would be the beginning of October) and that they would "burden the extra shipment fee". I accepted and on 26-09-2016 that my first dress had been shipped, that I would receive tracking information 2-3 days later (so 28/29-09-2016) and that my dress would arrive within 1 week. They also said that they would email me when the second dress was ready for shipment and that I would receive tracking info when it was available.
It is now 03-10-2016 (7 days later) and I have yet to receive tracking info or official confirmation of shipment for the first yet, let alone the actual package. Fed up, I emailed the company to inform them that we are now going to our credit card company to file for a non-receipt of goods and request for a full refund (however, due to how long it's been since the payment was made, we are unsure if will be able to get any money back). I then received any automatic email almost immediately after I sent it saying that they are away on holiday from September 30 (30-09-2016) to October 5 (05-10-2016) and that they would get back to me on October 6 (06-10-2016).
This is a clear case of stalling and because of this company we have now lost nearly $500 with nothing to show for it (and I never got my birthday present). So please steer clear of this company; don't let this happen to you.
Super sukneles, gavau greitai ir kokybe kaip nuotruakose :)

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